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Cold Spraying Dissolving Metal Powder used for Additive Manufacturing Tooling

The benefits of additive manufacturing is many fold and due to the increasing popularity of AM, complex parts can be printed from 1 off to production quantities. However, even with the coolest of technologies there will always be that one thing that creates issues that causes set backs in the best of them all; Tooling. Wouldn't it be a great idea if we didn't have to machine, EDM, cut off or separate the final part from it's base. HAI's powder development team is manufacturing a series of dissolving metal powders (DMP) that can be used for tooling purposes that dissolve away your problems.

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Eliminating Hexavalent Cr Emissions in Thermal Spray

This study details efforts to develop the next generation of high performance thermal spray alloy wires which are Chromium free, thereby resulting in zero Cr6+ emissions. In order to meet these objectives high throughput computational metallurgy was employed. The initial results have shown that next generation alloys can be developed to meet or exceed the performance of incumbent Cr- bearing alloys currently in service, and that the future of Cr- free alloys is on the horizon.

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Thermal spray (SiAl) APT powder technology will advance rotatable sputter target coatings.

Rotatable magnetron sputter deposition has become the most widely used coating technology for large area deposition. Silicon is typically used for coating glass in applications such as anti-reflection coatings, all-dialectric mirrors, beam dividers, band pass filters, and polarizers. Thin film SiO2 and Si2N4 are sputtered from SiAl coated targets that are made from HAI's APT Silicon Aluminum powder.

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